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Meet our Patrons

Please meet all our Patrons, who donate items for us to raise funds, or do write ups about Reels on Wheels or if they have the time attend events that we put on during the year. We would like to thank you all for your continued support.....


Frank Warwick

Frank is a forward-thinking angler who invented the Chod Rig and the high-attract fluoro hookbait concept. Frank caught his all-time biggest carp from Belgium, at over 61lb, on one of his own baits.....


Sandra Dimic

Sandra is one of the leading carp anglers in Serbia and she was voted Carp Girl 2012. Sandra does a lot of work with young anglers. Sandra loves to fish and probably spends more time on the bank than she spends at home. She has caught fish that would make many men jealous.


Tim Swain

Tim is a first class carp angler who fishes top matches with his brother Andrew. They have fished 4 semi finals of the BCAC and this year (2014) they have reached the final of the Southern Carp Cup. Tim is also a consultant for Ultima and for Velocity Baits. He is a big supporter of Reels on Wheels and we are pleased to have him join us.


Rob Tough

Rob has been Carp fishing since 1985, starting on local waters in South London such as Clapham Common, and Battersea Park where he caught his first 20lb+ Carp. Rob has fished many big carp waters in the South including Darenth Lake.  He is a well respected carp angler and has been involved in many of the top carp matches in the UK and Europe and has loved the competition going up against other very experienced carp anglers and of course against the big carp themselves.


Andrew Swain

Andrew is a great carp angler who fishes top matches with his brother Tim. They have fished 4 semi finals of the BCAC and this year (2014) they have reached the final of the Southern Carp Cup. Andrew is also a consultant for Ultima and for Velocity Baits. Like Tim he is a big supporter of Reels on Wheels and we are pleased to have him join us.


Peter Beale

Great supporter of Reels on Wheels and owner of Broadlands Lakes in Southampton.



Chris is a very good friend of mine and lives in France. He is a cracking angler and fishes mostly in Europe. He is a great supporter of Reels on Wheels and a great family friend.


Gary Sheridan

Gary Lives in Spain and heads up Carp Dream Fishing and will put you on to the big carp and catfish on the Ebro. He is also a representative of OSB baits. Gary is a very good angler and has a vast experience of catching Carp and Catfish. A very kind hearted guy when it comes to things like Reels on Wheels. Welcome aboard.


Ardy Veltkamp

Ardy is from Voorburg Netherlands and is the owner of a fitness centre.
His best fish are as follows.
68lbs common, 60lbs mirror, Mirror 67lbs and a common 61,5lbs
70.4 lbs mirror carp and my new mirror carp record 72.6 lbs 33.1 kg. 108 cm.
His Proudest Moment: Becoming the Dutch bodybuilding champion


Ron Woodward (RIP)

International angler a very well known face in Europe chasing big carp and big catfish.
Ron has passed away and will be greatly missed by us all but we wanted to leave his picture here to remind us of this great man and massive supporter of Reels on Wheels.


Martin Cronin

Martin has been fishing all his life and is a well respected angler. Martin is based in South Wales where he runs a couple of day ticket waters and the Birch Syndicate which is a lake holding some amazing fish. Martin also fished in the 1999 world carp classic and took the prize for the biggest fish and then in 2004 he and his partner took a section win.


Terry Theobald

Terry is a passionate all round angler, who is as happy catching carp on a windswept gravel pit as he is trotting for roach and chub on a chalk stream. Terry has also written a book called 'well and truly hooked' which was published in May 2010 and is a very interesting read.


Andy Little

Fox’s Deputy Chairman Andy Little is a very well respected angler and name is synonymous with specimen fishing. Andy has been regarded as one of the best all round anglers for more years than he cares to remember. He is equally at home delicately trotting a stick float down a stream for roach as he is holding on for dear life with a huge marlin tearing off across the ocean. In recent years Andy has had a huge involvement with the development of the Fox Sport Fishing brand.


Dave Gawthorn

I have been very fortunate to have caught a variety of species to a large size. Other achievements are 2 Times winner British Carp Angling Championships. Lifetime member of English Carp Heritage Organisation. Have represented NFA Carp Team England in Russia 2006 and Serbia 2007. I'm also a qualified angling coach and attend the annual Korda Academy event and enjoy helping the students achieve their graduations. I also write regularly in various angling magazines and often supplement them with my own photographs.


Ben Hervey-Murray

Sub-editor at Angler's Mail and and all-round angler. Loves fishing for different species around the world. Does great things for Reels on Wheels and is always there as and when I need him.


Mark Tullett

Mark is a top match angler and made the final of Fish-O-mania in 2009 by winning his heat at Stafford Moor fishery with a total weight of 96lb. In the final at Fish-O he managed 3rd place


Wendy Perry

Wendy appeared on the programme called Nick Hancocks fishing School. "I didn't know until i arrived in Scotland that i was to be the only lady, they had chosen only 6 people out of 30,000 and only 1 lady! I loved filming, it was an experience to say the least! I also didn't know the programme was going to be about Fly fishing, i thought it was about coarse fishing!"
Wendy is now the National Sales Manager at Marukyu UK


Bob Roberts

Bob is a ‘veteran’ of hundreds of articles in magazines and newspapers ranging from a weekly column in Angling Times, to various articles or series in Coarse Angler, Coarse Fishing, Let’s Go Coarse Fishing, Coarse Fisherman, Match Fishing, Improve Your Coarse Fishing, Advanced Carp Fishing, Catchmore Carp, Carp Angling News and Techniques, etc. He also won two Angling Writers Association awards for his weekly column in the Green Un




The Home of the Original Buddy System for disabled anglers  

:: The primary aim is to help the disabled and those needing assistance to return to fishing. Nationally we will collect and collate names and contact numbers of people needing our help and assistance, and people willing to give that assistance. These will be cross referenced and introduced through the "Buddy" system register.

:: The secondary aim is to offer advice and guidance in general to fisheries and venues in regards to access and suitability for the disabled angler. Where appropriate we will refer them to an appropriate advisory agency in their area.

:: The third aim is to (where ever possible) promote angling as a healthy, beneficial pastime for everyone, regardless of experience or ability. This will be done by supporting less privileged groups enabling them to participate in organised events. This will be done by offering to conduct "Angling for all" seminars and demonstrations to disabled clubs, associations, schools and youth clubs..

:: We also offer anglers with a Terminal illness the chance to have one or two days away fishing so they can get away from everything and enjoy their passion for angling possibly for the last time


We would like to offer anglers with a terminal illness the chance of a day out away from everything so they can enjoy their passion, possibly for the last time.
Being ill myself I know how a day out doing something you love can give you a boost.
If you feel that you can help us by making a donation no matter how big or small then please hit the banner below..

If you have any interest in the above please go to


Rosie Rowe is presented with the Steve "Bluey" Robinson  Memorial shield by David Pooley

at the 2013 festival for her support and being the driving force behind Nick.

Mick Brown with Seb at a Reels on Wheels Festival.

Do you realise that if every Adult angler in England and Wales
who held a License made a one off donation of £1 to Reels
on Wheels we could open a purpose built fishery for all to use
with areas for kids, family workshops, cafe, tackle supplies and
fully disabled pegs and toilets and then the whole complex would
be turned into a Trust. Please help us to make a difference, your
donation will be put to good use no matter how big or small. Thank you.





Coarse Fishing Tackle

..from Tackle Fanatics



Like many organisations we are always in need of funds, so if what we do appeals to you and you feel that you could help by making a donation no matter how large or small then please use the donate button below. Thank you..




Gary Sheridan is one of the best guides on the River Ebro so please check him out HERE

Call: 07777 692573